Know the benefits of plywood

You may have heard of the plywood. When you plan to buy a new piece of furniture and find information about the raw material and the seller responds: it is compensated!

But could you explain what it is?

This type of multilaminate wood has thin wood trim plates. It is versatile, durable and has different uses. In order to reach the product, it is done by stacking thin sheets, one under the other, in a kind of sandwich.

This procedure can have several types of results, with different characteristics, which allows the compensated a great diversity of physical forms and prices.

The plywood is also resistant to cracking, twisting and has a great level of strength. It is practical and, because it is an eclectic material, there are innumerable possibilities in different types of environment, replacing even other materials.

There are also different types of plywood, always according to the purpose of your project. Are they:

Maritime compensated - characterized by its high resistance, since there are more amounts of layers. Very durable and recommended for use in damp areas. Very well-accepted in kitchen and bathroom countertops.

Multilaminate- usually composed of phenolic resin (WBP) or white glue, urea and formaldehyde. A variety of blades with thickness between 2.0 and 3.7 mm make up the multilaminate. This type is most commonly used in the manufacture of shelves, cabinets and coatings.

Floor - because it is a lighter plate compared to the traditional floor, the plywood floor stands out for the practicality of installation and dimensional stability.

Anti-slip - consists of laminates glued with special coatings and resin. An anti-slip treatment is done on one side with waterproofing paint on the edges. It is resistant to skidding and used on stages, floors and walkways.

Usefulness in decoration

If you are one of those people who love making their own furniture or simply personalizing the environments, prepare to find a world of possibilities in the compensated ones.

The plywood allows the environment a natural look, typical of the rustic style. Normally, it is not even necessary to use paints, although its surface takes paints and fabric coatings well.

One of the main advantages is that its light colors fit perfectly in the minimalist styles that are currently high. The Scandinavian decor, a big trend, can add a lot to the offset.

The effect of plywood on the decor is the feeling of warmth. It is possible a vast combination of fabrics, plants and other elements that resemble nature.

You can use the marine type to compose incredible visuals in the bathroom and kitchen, as this is the most moisture resistant quality. Use wood to create differentiated coatings on the walls of your home.

Those who are intimate with the tico-tico saw can structure custom furniture in plywood. This is because the material is ideal for this purpose. If you have never made a move, start by structuring straight pieces. As your skills increase, you can create new differentiated pieces.

Among the highlights of custom furniture, on the internet you can check out different models of planned kitchens structured in plywood. It is a way of making a custom and cheap furniture, considering that a planned kitchen usually goes quite expensive.

Another possibility is to use in the bedroom, in the bedside. Combine making bedside tables in the same material. It is very different.

Another tip of style are the well-known niches. They are great for enjoying vertical space in the bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom. With them it is possible to abuse the color, shape and size. Any little corner can become special.

The plywood is quite versatile. It pays to perform experiments on the decoration of your home using this type of wood. You will be amazed at the results.