Know the benefits of plywood

You may have heard of the plywood. When you plan to buy a new piece of furniture and find information about the raw material and the seller responds: it is compensated!

But could you explain what it is?

This type of multilaminate wood has thin wood trim plates. It is versatile, durable and has different uses. In order to reach the product, it is done by stacking thin sheets, one under the other, in a kind of sandwich.

This procedure can have several types of results, with different characteristics, which allows ...


The designer Talita Demartini Gomes, Tatá.

The designer Talita Demartini Gomes, Tata, delights in her fruit collection. In the studio with a mix of workshop, in the Makers Shed, in the neighborhood of São Geraldo, she "plants and cultivates" her orchard, a result of scraps of pieces from the largest furniture made for her brand, Ksulo.

Much of the decorating line products are executed with offsetting - the exception in this report are the smaller berries, which are made of pinewoods.

In addition to the paint with water-based paint, a spray varnish is applied...


Tips for conserving plywood

Present in the life of the Brazilians since the 1940s, the panels are formed by a series of overlapping wood panels, usually joined by adhesives or resin, using a pressure or heat method to fix them together. Because it is a versatile wood, the plywood is used in the most diverse furniture of Brazilian homes.

By having the pressure distributed in the opposite direction when the plates are compressed against each other, they are able to distribute better the weight that is put on them, ensuring a much more stable structure for a long ...